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BAC Calculator

dui-resources_bac-calculatorBlood or Breath Alcohol Content (BAC) is a critical issue in nearly every drinking and driving arrest, whether DUI / DWI, driving under the influence of drugs (DUID), drunk driving, or any type of impaired driving case.

The online BAC calculator below will allow you to predict your BAC levels at a given point in time, based upon the number of drinks consumed over a period of time. Fill in the information required below for an estimate of blood or breath alcohol level.

Online Blood Alcohol Content Calculator (BAC)
Beer Wine Shot
Fluid Ounces 12 4 1.5
Alcohol Content 4% - 4.5% 15% - 20% 30% - 50%
DUI - Online Blood Alcohol Calculator
Blood-Alcohol Content Meter Fluid Ounces Consumed Percent Alcohol
Your Weight (Lbs) Hours Consuming Drink
DUI - Online Blood Alcohol Calculator
BAC Percentage
BAC Analysis
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