Attorney Mark McBride

McBrideAlthough Mark grew up hunting and fishing with his grandfather in the Midwest, he was born to be a top-flight Los Angeles criminal defense attorney. Unlike many of today’s attorneys, Mark has retained the ideals he grew up with in Kansas City, Missouri. Mark stands up for the little guy and has a palpable dislike of majority rules. He is “Of Counsel” to The Kavinoky Law Firm.

Indeed, you can often hear Mark in Court, telling juries in the worst of the worst cases, “Look, guys, the bill of rights is not for people you may like. My client needs your help, and he needs it now, and all of us are going to explore the very brass tacks of the Constitution, and you, the jury, are going to be a part of ensuring that my client, no matter what you think about him or me, has his nearly 300 year old rights protected.” Accordingly, Mark fearlessly represents the underdog in serious criminal matters and seeks justice for his clients, regardless of the pressure put on prosecutors to obtain a conviction.

Working with The Kavinoky Law Firm, and with years of trial experience, attorney Mark McBride also handles criminal appeals and writs, in both State and Federal Courts. Not only has Mark handled cases all over California, but he has handled cases, as a friend of the Court, in Virginia, Utah, Florida, New York, Las Vegas, South Dakota, and Illinois. Mark is also fluent in both Spanish and French.